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How to make a resume

Creating a meaningful resume is similar to making a nice piece of sandwich that is delicious and ultimately serves the purpose of recruiter/consultant. Here are few important points which need to be kept in mind while making your resume appeal tastier to the recruiter/consultant:

- Define a crisp and clear objective which should be in sync with what follows. A crisp and clear objective will help the recruiter/consultant to make the decision to shortlist or ignore your resume.

- Keep the language of resume lucid and grammatically correct. Arial/Times New Roman with Font Size 10 is acceptable. For multi lingual resume make sure that you should have good command on target foreign language, which is of course different from English.

- Use bulleted notations wherever possible. It is important to be more objective when drafting your resume as recruiter/consultant will not be willing to spend more than 20 odd seconds on it. In succinct, you need to tell all the story of your professional life in 20 seconds. List the strong points of your profile in the bullets first followed by less stronger points

- Make a strong headline which showcases your skills and experience.

- Check the Address/Telephone Number/Email ID and make it bold and visible so that recruiter/consultant can easily hook on it

- A good resume is of 2-21/2 pages in length and keep this in your mind. No recruiter/consultant would ever like reading through 10 or 20 or 30 pages. Adding more pages would mean adding complexities and making the chances of call from recruiter/consultant quite murkier.

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